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Production Displays

Production Display is the Display Board mainly used in factories at production line to increase the efficiency of production and to display time to time status of production done. According to the factories work nature the display parameters will vary

This digital display is used to track sales, productivity or other comparisons. It provides a solid incentive that can boost productivity. This display supports to achieve 100% efficient production.

Production Display board can be connected with Sensor like Metal proximity sensor, Optical sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, Bar code Reader, RF ID Reader, Camera etc to count the object passed the conveyor.

It can be connected with PC through LAN/RS232/RS485/Wireless for remote monitoring as well as report generation.


  • Operates at 240V AC/ 24 DC
  • Display Type: Seven Segment/LED Dot Matrix
  • Digit size: 1 Inches to 12 Inches
  • Data can be updated through LAN/RS232/RS485/Wireless
  • Color: Red, Green, White, Blue, Yellow, etc
  • Protocol: Modbus /User Defined
  • Case: Powder coated Metal/Aluminum Profile
  • Installation: Wall mounting/Hanging